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Silchemy provides a variety of science-based technical publications and software products, designed with the user in mind. You can find out about them, get support information and learn how to order them by following the links below.

The Construction Vibration Damage Guide, Professional Edition - A 270+ page extended version of the free 110+ page The Construction Vibration Damage Guide for Homeowners. For legal professionals, responsible contractors, homeowners with damage claims in litigation and others who need more technical detail and discussion of vibration damage science, the Pro version provides a great deal of time and money-saving information and tips. The links will open new windows on our dedicated site, that give you details on both versions.
SPCALC Electronic Solubility Handbook, Database and Calculator
Software package for scientists, engineers and formulators which helps find, choose and calculate optimum solvents and solvent mixtures from established physical principles, using its own unique database of physical properties for 1200 solvents. You can download a free trial version here.


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